The following instructions are supplied as a guide only. Each job may present variation of application.


Metal roofing should be installed on a solid wood deck, minimum 7/16″ thick. Roofing can also be installed on 2″ x 4″ or 1” x 4” strapping, recommended 16″ on center. Number 14 screws must be used when fastening into 7/16 OSB.

A minimum of 15 pound roof felt or steel roof underlayment must be used under metal roofing to prevent condensation.

Place first sheet at edge of roof away from prevailing wind, check for plumbness. Over hang roof sheets ¾″ to 1″ at eave.

Screw panels down in a uniform pattern 24″ on center up roof slope on a solid deck or at each purlin on a strapped roof. On roof panels, place screws in every major rib.

For the siding, longer screws should be placed in the top of the overlap, the rest of the screws placed in flat pan beside every other major rib. All screws at lap should be screwed firmly in place first. Finish screwing panel, working from lap across the sheet. Note, all screw holes should be predrilled.

Gable trim must be installed before the ridge cap. Screw the gable trim down placing fasteners through the 1″ leg of the gable trim. A bead of butyl sealant should be used between gable leg & roof panels to prevent leaking around the screws.

Install ridge cap using 2” screws (or longer if necessary), placing screws through the top of every major rib. Each section of the ridge cap should be overlapped by a minimum of 6″. The use of butyl or urethane sealant on the overlap is recommended.

The closure strip is installed under the ridge cap approximately a ¼″ in from the edge of the cap, so that the screws will catch the closure strip. At eave, place the closure ¼″ to ½″ in from the edge of the roof. Place screws on each side of the major ribs, screwing through the closure strip.

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